Hi, I'm Pranav Tadepalli

I'm currently a junior at LGHS.


Hi, I'm Pranav Tadepalli

I'm currently a junior at LGHS.


I am a student at Los Gatos High School, and am a programming lead on Iron Claw Robotics. I enjoy building stuff, whether it be on a computer coding or designing, or physically, with 3D printers and powertools. I am currently doing a research internship with UCSC's SIP program, analyzing sea urchin behavior and their impact on kelp forests. In my spare time, I like photography and bird watching, gardening, and exploring parks and beaches in California. I also volunteer at the Los Gatos American Cancer Society Discovery Shop and mentor middle school students in robotics.

Some Projects

Bird Bath

A few logs I screwed onto a piece of plywood I cut into a rounded triangle using a circular saw. I attached some plastic bowls for bird food and water.

Garden Planters

I used wood from Home Depot, Lowes, old fencing, and wood screws to make some shallow raised beds.

Plant Watering System

Using an Arduino Nano, a relay, a pump, box, and battery case I 3D printed, old tubing, a soil moisture sensor, and some wiring, I made a planter watering system that pumps water to the potted plant when the soil is dry.

Card Shooter

A device made of folded cardboard with a motorized wheel at the bottom that can shoot cards from a stack.

Yogurt Making Helper

Using an Arduino Nano, an alarm, and a temperature-probe sensor over the one wire interface, I made a device that beeps when milk cools down to 110°F (at which point the culture yogurt is added). The temperature sensor is suspended in the milk using a stand I cadded in Autodesk Inventor and 3D printed on my Ender 3.


Digital Drum

Using the acceleration sensors on a Nexus 7 tablet, I made a flutter app that acts like a drum stick - it plays a drum sound when it is accelerated and stopped quickly


Table Clips

Some clips to hold down a tablecloth that I cadded and 3d printed


Vine Planter

A raised bed I made from old fence wood and tree support sticks that has an area to attach strings for vines to climb on


Photos taken using either a Cannon Rebel T1I (2009 model) or iPhone 7+ from my backyard, beaches, hiking trails, Yellowstone, and San Fransisco